TvN/Olive TV: One Night Food Trip in London Season 2


TvN/Olive TV is now back with new season of One Night Food Trip, and this time it is in London! The programme is all about introducing trendy food around the world and the challengers go and try as many food as possible. This season they are going to Europe an going to visit London as one of the place.


England used to have worst reputation amongst people. The reason mainly is because during the industrial revolution, labourers tended to prefer quick and cheap food so they could grab a bite and get back to work. This has then been carried on for some time, hence became ‘the English food’.

However, things are different nowadays. People started to look for more delicate, gourmet food where they can enjoy some quality food and pay decent amount for it. In this programme, we are going to film some of the restaurants which gained high reputation from critics.


Hook Camden
Famous fish & chips restaurant in Camden London. Found by Barry and Simon, sensible fish choices backed up with creative coatings and served with homemade sauces started from scratch in their kitchen. With variety of sauces and flavourings, they have added glamorous twist on ordinary fish and chips.

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Borough Market
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Flat Iron/Hawksmoor
Please refer to my previous posting:


Reform Social & Grill
Smart bar & grill with retro decor serving all-day menu of British classics, plus cocktails at the Mandeville Hotel. If you would like to try a proper gentleman’s afternoon tea, this is the place to be. They also serve some classic British food, including famous Yorkshire puddings.


Wright Brothers
Craving for some seafood but on a tight budget? Then visit Wright Brothers. Not only they serve some quality seafood in decent price, they also offer a happy hour (3pm-6pm) where you can have oysters for a pound only.

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Coppa Club
Lovely restaurant on the riverside. They serve early breakfast from 7:30am during weekdays and from 9:00am on weekends. There’s a wide selection of breakfast and brunch dishes and the bar serves carefully-chosen wines, beers and classic cocktails as well as new creations. Coppa Club Towerbridge also added nice addition of igloos on their terrace during winter, exclusively for customers.


Blue Print Cafe
Market-led Modern European menu in a casual setting with Tower Bridge views. Benefiting from a private entrance, views of Tower Bridge to the West and Canary Wharf to the East. Chefs design a menu daily using fresh and seasonal ingredients carefully sourced from local farms and suppliers in the British Isles.

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