London Shopping: 10 most bought items in London


Whenever you are travelling, you can never miss out a shopping from destination. It is always worth buying the brands originated within the country as you can find something special at reduced budget.

Here are 10 most bought items when visitors come to London and do shopping. I have been trying to group them in one area so you can visit all the stores on foot. You can also get tax refund if you shop more than certain amount. For more information, please visit their websites.


LUSH-feature-980x588.jpg1. Lush Oxford Street: Lush is everywhere, in every countries. However, you can only find some limited edition bath bombs or some other products at Lush flagship store, on Oxford Street. Perfect gift for yourself or for your friends.

001.jpg2. Barbour Picadilly Circus: Looking for famous waxing jacket? Barbour quilted/waxed jacket is perfect for unpredictable British weather and you can get them cheapest in UK, where they are made from.

Churchs-windows-Singapore.jpg3. Church’s Picadilly: Comfortable, elegant shoemakers founded in 1873. From chelsea boots to oxford shoes. It is pricy, but you can wear them for a lifetime so definitely worth having one.

Moosejaw_Shopfitting-Cath-Kidston-04.jpg4. Cath Kidston Picadilly: Cath Kidston is now international but it is still cheapest in UK. From the iconic floral bags to clothing, you can find all the gift and souvenirs you need for different age group.

MoltonBrown_3_944x450.jpg5. Molton Brown Picadilly: Luxurious hand wash and shower gel made in England. Also sells travelling kit, where you can bring it with you wherever you go. There are a lot of fragrance you can choose from, so I am sure you will be able to find the scent of your choice.

penhaligons_flagship_boutique_20__r.jpg6. Penhaligon’s Picadilly: Next to Jo Malone, Penhaligon’s is one of most loved British perfume. Apart from iconic perfumes, you will find 38 unusual and distinctive fragrances, where they come in cute bottle with unique bow of Penhaligon’s.

hunter6.jpg7. Hunters Picadilly: Infamous British wellingtons! You can go anywhere from streets to festival events with this pair without getting your feet soaked in raining water. Variety of colours and length to choose from.

image          8. Paul Smith Sale shop Bond Street: One of most well-known designer brand in UK. If the price is still too expensive, try the sale shop on bond street. The shop has constant sale and you could get a pair of trousers for just 50 quid or so.

liberty-london-hertiage-suite-12.jpg9. Liberty London: One of oldest department store and famous for its own patterns. You can find their own collections, from clothing to bags and home accessories etc. Thee are also quite a lot of collaboration between other brands and Liberty, which is worth having a look at.

8_27_14_all_saints_kabik-293.jpg10. All Saints Picadilly: Becoming trendy brand between tourists, All Saints makes nice quality but affordable genuine leather jackets (also known as biker jacket) for both men and women.