City Welcome Pack: Most useful and meaningful gift you can get for your friends coming to London


The Travel Cafe would like to announce our new launch of the ‘City Welcome Pack’ for travellers in London! This information pack includes all the useful information for first time travellers in London. Perfect gift for yourself and to your friends who are planning to visit London sometime soon 🙂

You can simply order it from one of our website: or


Inside the City Welcome Pack, you will find:

  1. London Mini Guidebook: Simple, pocket sized guide only with all useful information for you to stay in London.  You can find transport information, use of mobile in UK and some useful guides and maps inside this booklet. Only available from The Travel Cafe.
  2. Visitor Oyster: A smartcard pre-loaded with pay as you go credit that you can use to travel in London. It is a quick and easy way to pay for journeys on bus, tube and most national rail services in London. Unlike normal oyster, visitor oyster also has some discount features. You can simply present the card where the discount is available (For more info: please refer to the blog
  3. Three Simcard: Mostly used pay as you go sim card in UK. You will get different allowances for voice calls, texts and data depending on the amount you top up each time. Can also be used around Europe.
  4. Free Worldwide Delivery: Any customers from any countries can buy our Welcome Pack as we will deliver this worldwide with no extra cost (+Additional £5.00 for tracked&signed delivery).



There are two types of City Welcome Pack available:

1-1. Basic Welcome Pack £20
You can get all the basic information you need in order to travel within London.
Visitor Oyster(£10) + Three Sim card (available to top up online) + London Mini Guidebook + Free world wide Postage (+Additional £5.00 for tracked&signed delivery).

1-2. Premium Welcome Pack £35
With the basic welcome pack included, we will also provide you with some introduction session and walking tour with our local guide, starting from The Travel Cafe. The tour will take approx. 20 minutes. Complementary tea time included .

Visitor Oyster(£13) + Three Sim card, Available to top up online + London Mini Guidebook + Free world wide Postage (+Additional £5.00 for tracked&signed delivery)

+ London introduction session (20min): Tea Time and walking tour with local guide at The Travel Cafe

Additional Oyster & Mobile top-up available on website


– London Pass
– Cereal London Guide Book

Can also be sold with our Welcome Pack. Please also refer to our website for further information regarding the products.

London Tips for Newcomers


It is not easy for newcomers (tourists, students etc) to find to how to get around London area by using different trasnsport. So here are some useful tips you can use in order to get used to TFL (Transport For London) as well as London life.


London Transport System

  1. Tube: The quickest and easiet way to travel around. The best way of saving money is to get an oyster, a  resuable electronic card which can be topped up to pay for all types of transport in London. You can get the card from any underground station, tourist information centre and the aiport (2.30 single fare).
  2. Bus/Tram: Takes longer, but cheaper than the tube (1.50 single fare). Can only be paid by oyster card. The new “Hopper Fare’ has now been introduced which you can now make a second bus or tram journey for free within one hour of touching in on the first bus or tram.
  3. Taxi: Most expensive way of transport, but can be used if you are in hurry (minumum fare 2.60). Can save some fares by using different taxi such as Uber, which will be explained later on.

For more information please visit:
You can also check any major works&closure (especially on weekends) by visiting:



Useful London Apps

  1. London Official Guide: Where shows major attractions and landmarks in London by giving you information of how to get there etc.
  2. Time Out: One of London’s famous event magasine. You can find all the information regarding restaurants, exhibitions and reviews here.
  3. Dojo: Similar to Time Out, but it sorts out all the events by timeline.
  4. Goop: Simple, clear app giving you informaton on accomadtions, food and shops.
  5. Google Map: You can go anythere with this app, even outside London.
  6. City Mapper: Can only be used in London but gives all the information including time and fare.
  7. Uber: If you need taxi but black cap is too expensive then call Uber. You can liase with the driver directly on the app in much cheaper price. Make sure to call the taxi on the time though, as the driver does not wait for you for more than 5 mintues and you will be charged for the wait.




If you are from Europe, don’t worry about this as most of your mobile company will change your network automatically (roaming). If you are from anywhere else, it might be chepaer for you to buy a simcard than use the network from your country.

The sim can be easily purchased anywhere in the city or even in the airport (but little more expensive). You will need to buy pay as you go simcard where then you can top up from 10 pounds onwards. For example, if you buy a simcard from Three and top up 20 pounds,you can get 3000 texts and 300 minutes plus 12GB data.