Hoxton Hotel: A hub for communication, where visitors meet locals


Famous for its low rates but still managed to be stylish, Hoxton hotels are now in Holborn and Shoreditch, as well as Amsterdam. NYC, Chicago, Paris and Southwark branches are also coming soon.


The hotel provides a place where guests can hangout alongside the locals and submerse themselves in the neighbourhood with vibrant, welcoming public spaces. Then there’s Hoxtown, with eclectic programme of monthly events, they bring the outside in, working with local creatives to curate events unique to each location.


The room comprises of comfortable beddings, with fresh milk and water stocked up int the fridge and breakfast bags for every guests staying in the hotel.

There are ten types of room you can book:
– Cozy Rooms
– Roomy Rooms
– Fresh, fruity number
– Salt Beef & mustard
– Geogferry Steel
– Urban Luxe
– Hox Cabin
– The Hoxton Manor
– The Nelson
– A Slice of Hoxton

Please refer to the page: https://thehoxton.com/london/shoreditch/rooms for further details regarding each room.