KEEN TrailFit: Fitness revolution for adventurous women all around the world


Hi everyone 🙂 It has been quite a while since I have posted on this blog. The Travel Cafe has been busy with new private event which happened last weekend: The launch of KEEN Trailfit, a new shoes called Terradora especially designed for women to hike outdoor.


About Trailfit

TrailFit women care about making their exercise part of their lifestyle. Whether its urban hikes down canals and through abandoned areas of a city, or going wild in the countryside at the weekend as long as your getting fresh air, exploring your surroundings and moving your body, you’re part of the TrailFit movement.

TrailFit can be practiced in the outdoors, in can be in the park near your house and it can be in the middle of a city centre at night after work. The Terradora is made to suit every type of trail you find yourself on



Any good revolution requires awesome gear and this is where the Terradora comes in. Not just a trail boot, the Terradora was designed from the ground up by adventurous women, to work specifically for adventurous women.


Cooler x KEEN Trailfit

A lifestyle featuring site Cooler as joined up with KEEN Trailfit to open up a new Trailfit Session which will happen all around April. The first event was held at The Travel Cafe, on 1st of April. The train session was held by Sophie, working with Trailfit to create a new type of fitness for adventure women, who also want to enjoy city life , without giving up the love of the outdoors.


Three groups of lucky women were selected to join the session on Saturday. They have had a healthy breakfast at The Travel Cafe before before heading out for a truly rad workout with one of the UK’s best adventure fitness trainers.


They also received a brand spanking new pair of Terradora boots, worth ÂŁ110, to take home with and take out on their own adventures all year round. Once the workout has been finished, they then came back again to join us for healthy, light lunch. It was great to meet everyone and to see them being so active!


Upcoming Event

They are running other exclusive TrailFit programmes at Hampstead Heath on April 8th and Epping Forest on April 22nd. Meet other rad female adventurers, get a pair of the most awesome boots around (before anyone else!)  and get some  some real outdoors adventure fitness training for free.

To join the competition:

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