Lush Spa: Perfect place to release your tension in London


Whether you are locals or visitors and had a tiring week of working or walking, you can reward yourself with some nice spa treatment in London. If you are looking for something unique only in UK, you can visit one of Lush Spa across Britain.



There are all sorts of different treatment you can have for your body, face and feet. You can book the treatment by calling the spa or email them directly. The vouchers can also be purchased from Lush website:

For example, one of the treatment ‘The Spell’ is a foot treatment which includes:

Reviving foot massage and treatment with hot stones and a scalp massage.
Uses the ancient art of reflexology to treat areas of tension throughout the body.
60 minutes + approx. 15 minutes consultation.




There are 7 spa locations: Bath, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Poole and two in London- Chelsea and Oxford Street.


Make sure to reserve your slot in advance as the places fill up very quickly! You can also find some day-to-day available appointment on their Facebook:
1) Lush Chelsea:
2) Lush Oxford Street:



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