The Travel Cafe is now on 3D

Last weekend, we had 3D filming of The Travel Cafe Southbank branch so you will now be able to check our cafe online 🙂



This is 3D version of our cafe outside. At the front, you will find some of nice collection of flowers outside. You can navigate 360 degrees by dragging the mouse or click play button.

You can then click the Art Boutique picture on your left bottom corner which will take you inside of the cafe.



Once you are in, you will again be able to navigate around the cafe by clicking the arrows on the screen or by using the keyboard. You will also find our office inside of the cafe.

Right now we are exhibiting art collection of Yulia V Krylova, one of our local artist in this area. You can see her paintings and clothing closely by zooming in.



When you click the ‘View dollhouse’ button on the screen, you can see a bird eye view of the cafe. Feel free to have a look at our cafe online, with our 3D version now in ready!

Click to open 3D version of The Travel Cafe



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