Grab&bite healthy food in London

London is one of the busiest city in the world, where a lot of people commute to work. People are always short of time and that is why there are many quick, simple grab&bite food restaurants around this area. This type of restaurants are also perfect for visitors, where they have tight schedule for sightseeing etc (could also save some pennies on food).


1. Pret A Manger: Also called Pret, serving ready to eat food such as sandwiches, baguettes, pots and desserts, cold drinks, hot drinks, crisps and bakery items. The company emphasises the use of natural ingredients and advertises all sandwiches are made on the day of purchase in a kitchen at each location (with the stated exception of a few small outlets). Food left unsold at the end of the day is collected by charities.

DSC_0071 (2).JPG

2. Itsu: Sister branch of Pret a Manger, serving Asian fast food including sushi, rolls, noodles, soups and desserts. The food is simple, but you can taste bit of Asian with less money spent.


3. Wasabi: Another Asian chain, based in Japanese and Korean. You can find selection of sushi, rolls, noodles, tempura and rice (katsu curry, sweet&sour chicken). It is a great place to visit if you are looking for some hot food.


4. Yo! Sushi: Can eat in or takeaway. Posh version (but not too posh) of Japanese restaurant. There is a food conveyor belt which goes round the table and you can pick the sushi or rolls that you like. Modern interior, fun experience.


5. EAT: Similar chain to Pret a Manger, selling food from their own recipes and their menus change every day and each season. Coffee beans are sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms and eggs from free range barn.


6. Benugo: Again, alternative from Pret A Manger and EAT. They serve different kinds of sandwiches and nice coffee. There are also Benugo restaurants as well as cafes.


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