Brighton: Place to visit near London


Many people think they need to travel far from London to enjoy other part of Britain, where in fact, you can definitely see some different side of it just by travelling in an hour. For example: Brighton. 

Brighton is a cozy seaside city  which is just about an hour south of London by train. Perfect getaway location for the weekend, ideal for both couple and family. It has many kinds of attractions including the famous Brighton Pier, Churchill Square Shopping Centre and Preston Street where you can try all kinds of food from different countries.

There is also a Brighton marina, where has some nice restaurants, cinema and arcade (bowling!) just about 10 minutes walk from the Brighton seafront. Bare in mind to avoid windy day though, as the waves can be pretty strong.

If you like to see some historic place, there is also Brighton Pavilion but I would personally won’t recommend to pay to see the inside as it has more of oriental features than traditional Britain.

Recommended places to visit:

  1. Brighton Pier- enjoy the walk which brings you out into the sea. There are arcades you can enjoy, some nice restaurants and small theme park at the very back of the pier. You will meet some pretty seagulls too.
  2. Brighton Marina- Perfect for family. It has all types of attraction for every member of the family, including bowling arcade, cinema and even McDonalds. There is a huge ASDA if you would want some food shopping for the trip. Lovely Chinese restaurant called ‘Emperor of China’.
  3. Preston Street- If you want to try something new, try the restaurants in Preston street. You will see all kinds of food from different restaurants. I have tasted the best sashimi bibimbab from ‘Sushi Nara’.
  4. Churchill Square- Compact but has everything that you need for shopping, including Top Shop, H&M, Disney, Apple and LEGO store.

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